Magical Zany Zoe Bloopers

A few months ago, Zany Zoe decided to go Virtual when the whole world went on lock down. Her driving force is to entertain kids of all ages to have a good time at home. To experience shows in the comfort of their own home. So they won’t lose hope that it will all come back as it once was. This has happened in the past and we always seem to bounce back but even stronger.

That when Zany Zoe worked hard and fast to educate herself with new streaming software, new technology and ideas. This came pretty easy to her, since she loves computers.

When her home stage was set up for virtual shows, she began to do shows and over California. Then she thought, “Why don’t I get a green screen and create a fun show for all” and so she’s doing it, so stay tuned…

Meanwhile, enjoy her Bloopers! Try not to laugh! ;D

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