Los Angeles Magic Zany Zoe Coloring Page

Virtual Magic Show | Los Angeles Magician Zany Zoe Coloring Page

Los Angeles Magic Zany Zoe is now immortalized with this one of a kind coloring page. Ever since she remembers, she loved drawing with colored pencils. Every coloring page was always in different shades of the color wheel. One of Zany Zoe’s wishes was to be a cartoon, where kids can use their creativity and what ever colors they choose without rules.

One day she will print a Magic Coloring Book themed around Zany Zoe. A child will be able to color it how ever they want and at the same time, it will be a magic trick. When the pages can get riffled the pages change colors magically in front of their own eyes.

To get a copy of Zany Zoe’s coloring page, Click here…

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