Magic Snake Zany Zoe

Magic Snake Zany Zoe is what a three year old said at an event. At all my shows, the audience is what completes it. Sometimes performers want a talkative kid, but not the ones that interrupted when performing something where you have the see it to get it like a magic show. When that kid said magic snake zany zoe, BOOM!

This toddler was one of the smartest I’ve ever met. Did I also say one of the cutest? He wouldn’t speak with full sentences but all the things he said where too funny. If it’s a talkative toddler, of course you want to choose him LOL! First of all, the cuteness factor will win the audience. The questions the performer asks is where the comedy happens. It doesn’t make sense to ask a toddler questions you ask an adult but if they answer those questions, you’ve got it made.

Magic Zany Zoe

This is how my conversation went with the three year old toddler.

Zany Zoe: “What’s your name?”

Matthew: “Mashoo”

Zany Zoe: “Bless you!”

Matthew: “What”

Zany Zoe: “Nevermind”

Zany Zoe: “How old are you”

Matthew: “Free”

Zany Zoe: “What’s free?”

Matthew: “What?”

Zany Zoe: “Nevermind”

Zany Zoe: “Are you married?”

Matthew: “Yes!”

Zany Zoe: “Do you own a house?”

Matthew: “Yes!”

*But for some reason, no matter what age kids are they know what the word Boyfriend or Girlfriend is*

Zany Zoe: “Do you have a girlfriend?”


Zany Zoe: “Good! that means you’re faithful”

Matthew: “What?”

Matthew ran away back to his chair haha!

The last thing he said was the funniest of it all.

Zany Zoe: “Is that your girlfriend sitting next to you?”

Matthew: “You’re weird”

LMAO! Matthews expressions where just an addition to the amazingness of what just happened. I will never forget that kid!

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