Who is Zany Zoe

Who is Zany Zoe? Magician for Hire Los Angeles

Who is Zany Zoe Magic?

She is an energy bomb who loves the arts. She got the itch for performance from her mom and grandfather. Her 7 year old niece, which is interested in the art of magic is next. As of 2020, Zany Zoe has been giving her lessons in slight of hand, misdirection and the importance of angels. Stay tuned...

Zany Zoe, born with the name of Katia, loved magic ever since she remembers. She got her touch of magic from her award winning magician/professor grandfather Humberto, which did Magic and Illusions in Nicaragua where her family is from.

The most magical thing she saw her grandfather doing was floating a table in mid air, in his office. Zany Zoe was floored. Ever since then, she has not stopped learning through books, technology, researching and making magic happen. She promised her grandfather that she would continue the magical legacy.

Everyday she works on her new creative projects. One of her projects is creating magic or funny videos for her YouTube channel, search for "Zany Zoe". In 2020 as the word "Quarantine" became prominent worldwide, she began technically educating herself on how to virtual present her show for all countries in any platform. As of now, her prerecorded and virtual LIVE show has toured all over the globe.

In one of Zany Zoe's interviews, she says "When my show is over and I've succeeded in making people laugh, forget their problems for the time being and enjoy family, then I've done my dream job. I get the most wonderful feeling because I've truly helped people psychologically manipulating their senses and emotions.

In her incredible show, she floats and dances with a table, appears a snake, produces traveling silver coins, makes families laugh, brings out the happiness and fun in humanity and so much more.

Want to watch some of her magic? LETS GO!